Bohemia U n Me (Tera Mera) Latest Rap Lyrics

Album Information
  • Album :┬áBohemia’s Collaborations
  • Artist: BOHEMIA
  • Label: Desi-Hip Hop for Life
  • Category: Bohemia Raps
  • Release Date: June 25th, 2014

Album Details

BOHEMIA the punjabi rapper came up with his back to back latest collaborations these days and today he released the official audio of his collaboration “U n Me” featuring various artists like Iraj & Sean Kingston, Sonu Kakkar & Janani. Bohemia has featured a very snatchy rap with so awesome lyrics as these lyrics are in hindi which all of us rarely listen up by Bohemia as he’s a punjabi rapper so this is some kind of new style he came up with and amazing quality rap he does. We also have posted the lyrics below you can read and rap along BOHEMIA.


The Official Audio which was posted as a video on youtube is posted below you can listen it up.


BOHEMIA U n ME Rap Lyrics

Jeena Marna, Marna Jeena
Saari Kudrat Puri Hoti Na Ik Tere Bina,
Jaise Mera Saans Lena, Mera Khana Peena,
Khayalon Mai Bhi Ab Mumkin Nhn mera Tere Bina Jeena
Tera Mera Pyaar, Ab Tere Mere Yaaron Se Hota Nhn Bardasht
Samjhe Humko Nhn Ehsaas
Par kisi ke khilaaf nhn
Par kaha thi saari raat, khushi mere pass
Jaise kohrii yaad, tha ik tera pyaar
Jaise Sukoon k badal
ab mai to duniya se door
san francisco ka ocean view
mera phone off mujhe nhn khauf
tujhe sunu mai aur unhe tu
disco mera living room
saari raat boom room
snopp dogg california
mai tere sath kru pure shaunk saare



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