Haan Ja Naa Manraj Bhaura Mp3 Songs Download

Album Information
  • Album : Haan Ja Naa
  • Artist: Manraj Bhaura
  • Label: Anand Music
  • Category: Punjabi
  • Release Date: March 04th, 2013

Album Details

Haan Ja Naa is a latest Punjabi Album of 2013 by Manraj Bhaura who is a newcomer in this Punjabi Music Industry, he lend his beautiful voice in this album Haan Ja Naa, you can check the tracklists of the album below hope you will love it and support the artists.


Album contains 8 soundtracks including “Band” “Dhelli Yaar Di” “Pyar” and the title track “Haan Ja Naa”.  The whole tracklist of the album is disclosed below grab them now!

  1. Band
  2. Connetion
  3. Dhelli Yaar Di
  4. Pehli Baari
  5. Nazar
  6. Pyar
  7. Maharaja
  8. Haan Ja Naa

All 8 soundtracks of the album are sung by Manraj Bhaura himself, the song length of Band, Connection, Dhelli Yaar Di, Pehli Baari, Nazar and the title track Haan Ja Naa is approximately of 3 minutes and the soundtracks Pyar and Maharaja is near about 4 minutes in length.


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